All Miluc Products are GOTS Certified

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Child safety, quality materials and environmental/social responsibility are all of utmost importance to us. All Miluc products and production facilities meet the high standards of The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).   › Read more on our responsibilities


Miluc sun curtains


“Three clamps and a fabric nappy”

An alternative to “three clamps and a fabric nappy”, the Sun Curtain is easy to mount. Five exible custom made C-rings and additional 2x2-straps on the sides make it a perfect t on almost every pram and stroller on the market.

The Sun Curtain by Miluc provides great protection against wind and UV rays from the sun – creating a cozy, calm and comfortable space for your child.

A temperate environment is essential to a child’s quality of sleep. Thanks to the exible custom made C-rings, the Sun Curtain allows you to easily adjust the cur- tain’s position, ensuring appropriate ventilation.

The curtain is 100% organic high-quality, machine-washable cotton, and is avail- able in four beautiful colors of Miluc’s unique hexagon pattern. 


Where to buy

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Caution when using curtains for your pram or stroller!